who are we?
What makes us different?
Why do we do what we do?

For those of you who have googled us, you’ll know there’s little to be found other than a link to our website and social media accounts, along with a small little region in south Western Australia.

Like the town we take our namesake from, we are born out of necessity, a need realised by the daring few driven to change the status quo and defy the odds. Harsh conditions and events beyond the control of man dictate the rules, they are hard, unyielding, relentless; they’ll come at you like a summer storm, peaceful one moment and a wake of chaos the next.

This environment is our birthplace, it is engrained into us and etched into our future. It allows only for the resilient and determined to survive through innovation and adaptation.

This is who we are, we are a manufacturer of Firearms accessories with our flagship being the Bel-Loc Bipod.

It is our desire for changing the status quo. Our passion for innovation, adaptation and our commitment to quality by designing and assembling our products in Australia will set us apart.

Necessity Redefined

Simply put, we do not make products and tell you to use them.

We make products that you tell us you WANT to use.

Our Mantra Necessity Redefined is plastered over everything we do.

What is it?

Necessity Redefined is what we live by. It is a system, a culture and a belief in our products. In fact, we believe that if the level of innovation doesn’t deliver a product that our customers find so integral that it leaves them wondering “what did I do before this existed”, then they are not fit for release. Innovation without real value is simply not innovation, each product undergoes early feedback and alterations to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with the product.

Simply put, we do not make products and tell you to use them. We make products that you tell us you WANT to use.

Our products are put through rigorous testing. Those that make it are like the survivors of the outback, they made it through and are built to perform. This is who we are and our passion for redefining necessity is why we do what we do.

On a closing note, I wish to thank all those who have helped keep the dream that is Boscabel Weapons Systems alive over the last 7 years.

From our staunch and sometimes fanatical hunting and shooting family to my father for instilling a solid work ethic and innovative mentality in me, my mother for her nurturing way and for encouraging me to take my wild dreams and tame them into reality, let’s not forget my supportive wife and daughter as well as friends and family, there are just too many to name.

I thank you for taking the time to read about us and hope you will join us in Redefining Necessity.

Corey Favory

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